Acess Our Xbox 360 Emulator


Welcome to our Xbox 360 Emulator Android Download/Access page. Please Follow The Steps Below


1. You must verify your device by clicking on the access button below (this is the only way we can support future development of the emulator as well as prevent an overload on our servers).

2. Install at least two apps for 45 seconds each (Minute to be on the safe side) or Complete 2 offers if you're on PC

3. Once unlocked, you'll then be able to access the Xbox Emulator For Android.
4. Connect to our database to see all of the titles we offer
5. Choose a title and Start the emulator (once the rest of the data files are installed), and it'll be properly set for playing the Xbox 360 games you choose.

Don't forget to contact us if you need any additional help or have suggestions regarding the software.

Thank you.


Version: 1.07 (New updated 2017 edition)

360 Emulator Android


Supports Most Android Devices




- Various (DX11) optimizations

- Added improved support

v.1.0.5 - Fixed The vSync crash error


- Fixed the resolution scaling (16:9)

- Improved controller support for several titles

v.1.0.3 - Improved DX conversion in titles

v.1.0.2 - Correct controller mapping

v.1.0.1 - First release (private beta access)


(v.1.05 Screenshots)

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